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The life of the adult mosquito lasts about a month. With the Thai System method the generational change of mosquitoes is interrupted.
The presence of mosquitoes only increases with climate change; longer summers and milder winters are bringing the infestation to previously untouched altitudes and increasing the amount of mosquitoes in the areas already affected. An elegant way to solve this critical problem and regain the space to be able to enjoy the summer are the Thai Sistem trap planters.
Thai Sistem was born from a simple and effective idea, that is to get rid of mosquitoes using their weak point: water.
For years now the idea of eliminating stagnant water deposits has been spreading, trying to reduce the places where the mosquito can reproduce, but for years the number of mosquitoes has not decreased. The causes range from major climatic changes to the simple impossibility of emptying all stagnant water. In addition to this, it must be remembered that the mosquito has a short life, during which it does not move much and prefers hot pools for reproduction.
he Thai System method is based on attracting mosquitoes in trap-boxes.
Inside our planters there is a double bottom. Filled with water, a tablet dissolves in it that prevents the development of larvae. The mosquito, attracted by the plants housed in the planter, easily sees the pool of hot water in the double bottom and goes there to lay its eggs.
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Prevent the completion of the mosquito's life cycle, attacking it when it is weakest: from the hatching of the eggs to the maturation of the larva.
The trap-planters house a double bottom to be filled with water to attract mosquitoes and induce them to lay their eggs. This is where the kit works, killing the larva and putting an end to the continued presence of mosquitoes.Il metodo Thai Sistem si propone come lotta intelligente alle zanzare.
It continuously counteracts the birth of new individuals by providing complete seasonal coverage that is not affected by rain washings but, on the contrary, is based on stagnation of water to maintain effectiveness.
The operation is innovative: a controlled habitat suitable for the deposition of mosquito eggs is created, in which the larvicide enters.
The kit consists of trap planters equipped with a double bottom communicating with the outside, accessible to mosquitoes, but inaccessible to pets and children, and a larvicide in tablets to put inside. The planters, to be placed preferably in shady areas or near hedges, naturally attract mosquitoes thanks to the hot water in the double base.
Mosquitoes enter and lay their eggs: here the larvicide comes into operation which prevents the growth of new mosquitoes by killing their larvae.
Clearly, the effectiveness is greater the greater the spread of the trap planters, remembering that a mosquito in its life moves less than 100 meters and that therefore the one that stung us was probably born in our garden.
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